Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1,206 posts

On Friday April 13, 2007 I started this blog (thanks to Rachel Long whom I met through doubletalk when the twins were jsut itty bitty beanies) It took me 1,206 posts and to reach my 1024MB of pictures allowed for Blogspot....and I am cheap so I started another one to continue the adventures of the HOWE Girls! To keep following go to...


got into the stickers this afternoon...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

thinks it's so funny...

everytime we come home from somewhere Sydney takes all of her clothes off. She refuses to wear them at home!

... this to shall pass

Monday, November 16, 2009

turkey legs

getting ready for next week...

cupcakes for Barley's B'day


So I am a pretty bad mom when it comes to the library. I took Sam a few times before the twinkles were born but the twins have never been. lately though they have really been into me reading them books at bedtime and can sit through a couple books before they start crawling all over me. Today I thought I'd introduce them to the library. The rules were simple: No screaming or yelling, inside voices only and No running around. We picked out a book called the
"Princess Pigsty" They thought it was a very funny book. I was going to check it out but after the story was over they decided to start rearranging the books so I tried to get them to stop which made Sydney scream really loud and then they both took off and ran around the whole library! (thankfully its a really small library) so I ended up grabbing them by their arms while they were kicking and screaming and we left without getting library cards or time...maybe I'll do it one on one!

the video was taken before we went into the library when they were being goofy!

Barley Dogs Birthday

14 years ago Barley Dog was born...he was the runt of the litter and the vet gave him maybe 7 years...HA! What a life he has lived. Thanks to the Pates and the Woods for the best Christmas present ever back in 1995. Now he just sleeps, eats and poops but his tail is still awagging and he's a happy old dog! Happy Birthday Barley!